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2022: onEDGE

Interior Provocations

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Every year, current events affect the directions of research and culture, but the influence of the events of this year can not be overstated. Who can not say that the past almost two years have not left them “on edge” in some way? 


The fifth annual Interior Provocations symposium, OnEdge,  held in hybrid format, virtually and in-person at Pratt Institute on April 9, 2022, takes the theme of onEDGE to explore ways that interiors upset or institute our edges, whether physical, conceptual or psychological, imagined, implied, necessary or discriminatory. We welcome papers that explore these questions in history, theory and praxis, across time, culture and place. In seeking to reconsider the shift, need and power for such edges as boundaries, thresholds and screens, we look both to the past and future about how to accommodate fluidity, accessibility and security. 


Keynote Speaker:
Jorge Otero-Pailos | Professor / Director, M.S. Historic Preservation Program and PhD Historic Preservation Program | GSAAP / Columbia University


Symposium Organizers:

Deborah Schneiderman
Keena Suh
Karin Tehve
[Pratt Institute, Department of Interior Design]


Anca I. Lasc
Erica Morawski
Karyn Zieve
[Pratt Institute, Department of the History of Art and Design]

image: Narea Feliz

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