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2019: Appropriate(d) Interiors

Interior Provocations


The third annual Pratt Interior Provocations symposium, Appropriate(d) Interiors, explores the way interiors participate explicitly and implicitly in embedded cultural values. Interiors, past and present, play critical roles even when they are not recognized as such. What are the standards, assumptions, codes and/or conventions that we need to dismantle? How can we expand our understanding of the history, theory and practice of interior design to challenge the status quo? What then is “appropriate” and what is “inappropriate”?



Joel Sanders | JSA, Principal Architect,, RA, AIA | Professor of Architecture, Yale University



Deborah Schneiderman
Keena Suh
Karin Tehve
[Pratt Institute, Department of Interior Design]


Anca I. Lasc
Erica Morawski
Karyn Zieve
[Pratt Institute, Department of the History of Art and Design]


Alexa Griffith Winton
[Ryerson School of Interior Design]

image: Irina Schneid

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