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2019: Appropriate(d) Interiors

Interior Provocations



Joel Sanders, JSA, Principal Architect, RA, AIA | Professor of Architecture | Yale University


A “Proper” Home: Channeling Political Values through Interior Design in a Dictatorship
Carlos Bartolo, | Lecturer | Arts and Architecture | Lusíada University


The Jewish Colonial Revival Interior
Erica Lome | Ph.D. Candidate | Department of History | University of Delaware


The Material Culture of the Palestinian Duyuf
Alessandra Gola, | Ph.D. Researcher | Department of Architecture | University of Leuven


This Is How We Live: [In]Appropriate Rooms/Nonconformist Apartment Exhibitions and the Case of the Communal Apartment, 1982 – 84
Senem Yildirim Evsen | Ph.D. Candidate | Architectural History | Middle East Technical University


Regenerative Debris: Re-Collage and the Collective Memory of the Cut
Irina Schneid, | Adjunct Assistant Professor | Interior Design | Pratt Institute


Duvet Entendre: Getting in Bed with the Continentals (The Bedroom, Bedding, Pornography and the Common Market in 1970s Britain)
Jo Turney | Associate Professor | Fashion | Winchester School of Art | University of Southampton


The “New Site?”
Priyanka Sen | Adjunct Faculty | School of Architecture and Interior Design | University of Cincinnati DAAP
Megan Minton | Assistant Professor | School of Architecture and Interior Design | University of Cincinnati DAAP


Appropriation, Disintegration, Resurrection: Ponte City, Johannesburg and South African Politics, 1975 – 2019
Harriet McKay | Senior Lecturer | The Cass School of Art, Architecture & Design | London Metropolitan University


Billie Tsien | Partner, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien  Architects | PartnersAnita Cooney, Dean | School of Design | Pratt Institute

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